VR New World
Since its foundation in 2011, Dlodlo has always been focusing on the research of VR (Virtual Reality) software and hardware technologies and the development of VR content and resources, covering both the upstream and the downstream of VR industry. It has obtained more than 127 patents so far, committed to delivering the best VR products and services to consumers.

As world’s first provider of literally glasses-shaped VR product, Dlodlo is set to build an open VR ecosystem with VR glasses being the medium while also providing other relevant hardware, software, applications, platforms and community, and to create to a real virtual world—Dlodlo World.
  • 2011
  • October   Dlodlo was founded.
  • 2013
  • March   VR Research Studio was set up.
  • 2014
  • May   The first lab prototype was built.
  • December   Dlodlo obtained Angel investment.
  • 2015
  • January   Dlodlo embarked on a fresh journey by formally settling down in Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
  • May   Dlodlo won lots of praises after the first VR glasses prototype was displayed at CES Asia.
  • July   Dlodlo received Series A investment.
  • November   Dlodlo displayed H1 and V1 at Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair, achieving great success.
  • 2016
  • April   Dlodlo signed an agreement with Sojitz, appointing Sojitz as Dlodlo’s general agent in Japan.
  • April   Dlodlo won the Best Science and Technology Award in 2016 CE China | IFA | IDG
  • June   Dlodlo held a product launch conference in Beijing.
  • August   Dlodlo held V1 launch conference in New York.
Brand Vision


We hope to utilize technology and imagination to transcend all the boundaries and limits so as to embrace a whole new world full of possibilities.


Our mission is to become the prime choice of VR products and services globally for consumers, employees and partners.


Do   Let actions Do the talking.

Lead   Lead the VR industry and lifestyles

Open   Open minds are positioned to embrace more friends and challenges

Our Team
Li Gang, founder of Dlodlo, is a serial entrepreneur whose last company Kanbox was acquired by Alibaba Group.
At this moment, Dlodlo is home to a R&D team led by doctors from Macquarie University & University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), a former Motorola team for hardware design, doctors from Stanford University, and other talents and elites from well-known companies like Cisco, Tencent, Huawei, Kingsoft, Alibaba, CEC, and Thunder among others.