Grand View, Great Experience
with high performance head tracking system
Head Tracking System
The Engine of VR World
VR without head tracking system is a sports car without a powerful engine. Equipped with the high precision nine-axis sensor and the self-developed predictive algorithm, Dlodlo Glass H1 can far outperform other mobile VR headsets that rely on the smartphone's sensor alone. With this deep software-hardware integration, Dlodlo Glass H1 gains the power to cover your 360°head movements in real time, and guarantees you seamless and immersive experiences.
A wider FOV for you to
experience virtually
unlimited reality
Surprising as it may sound, more than half the H1 first timers find it hard to believe their eyes. The bionic lenses collaborate with physical hardware to achieve a wide FOV of 100 degrees while working with the adaptive distortion correction solution to present only realistic and lifelike images, easily gives you the illusion that you've entered another dimension of time and space.
To interact at ease
The human-oriented interaction design has the ability to cut through complexity that you know how to use it once it finds you. After connected to your smartphone, it starts auto-detection and transports you into various VR worlds at your choice. Physical keys plus virtual head tracker for you to interact at ease. Technology is never here just for a few but everyone.
Where you stand no longer determines what you see
You don't have to dive deep down to feast your eyes on the enchanting scenery under the sea, or make it all the way up to the top of Mount Everest to marvel at its sacredness, or speak several languages to travel around the globe. Just put Dlodlo Glass H1 on, and you are all set to explore the unknown and experience the new.
Massive Content for your delectation
"Splendors in virtual reality are beyond words. Put on Dlodlo Glass H1 to explore them all with your curiosity. We offer friendly interactive interfaces and a constantly growing collection of games and movies. The uniqueness of Dlodlo is right here for you to discover."