Dlodlo VR
Dlodlo VR is a leading VR content platform in China, and massive VR resources are being updated every day. It supports any VR headset and local playback. Go to Dlodlo VR and prepare to be amazed!
Panoramic look around
the contents
Supports 360-degree panoramic video games. Look at the world from different perspectives to get experiences you’ve never had before.
HD acceleration
HD panoramic video is very easy to play,
Play VR games more quickly!
Theater Mode
We fully support VR sources of traditional formats, allowing you to enjoy theater screen viewing experience. You are free to select different scenes like theater, village and more..
Multi layout support
Supporting videos of the up/down format and
the right/left format to meet your different needs.
Left and right layout
Up and down layout
Multi device support
Supporting various VR headsets
Supporting a variety of mainstream VR headsets.
You are free to choose your own video and audio
output terminals.
Massive VR resources
There are infinite videos and games waiting
for you to explore.
Immersive 3D games
We have reached a field of view of 100°,
allowing you to fully immerse yourself in VR.
To give you a realistic VR world
Split screen mode
all the VR headsets
now available on the market.